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New BadgeThe Course Numbers for Some of Our Classes Have Changed

Effective Fall Semester 2017, the course numbers for MATH 150AF, 150BF, 250AF, 250BF, and 250CF, have been changed to MATH 151 F, 152 F, 251 F, 252 F, and 253 F, respectively. The content of each course has not been changed—just the course number. Visit our course list for a detailed description of each course.

New BadgeMATH 255 F and MATH 260 F - New Offerings at Fullerton College

The Mathematics department is pleased to announce two new courses that will be offered to transferring STEM students: MATH 255 F, Introduction to Linear Algebra and MATH 260 F, Ordinary Differential Equations. These classes are alternatives to MATH 252 F and/or MATH 253 F for students who either don't need both Linear Algebra and Differential Equations or for students looking for a more thorough and focused course in each of these topics to help them better prepare for upper-division coursework. Most colleges and universities offer Linear Algebra and Differential Equations in separate, dedicated courses, and now Fullerton College has courses that are more in line with this consensus. Read more...

What is MyMathLab and How Do I Get Started?

Check out Nancy Ikeda's video tour of Pearson's MyMathLab online instructional tool. Many Fullerton College instructors require MyMathLab in their courses. If you have questions about how to get started, click this link and watch the video (closed captioning is available).

Which Math Class Do I Take?

The process to determine which math class you should take at Fullerton College depends on many factors, but the three most important are your score on our placement test, any previous math courses you have completed (either in High School or at another College) and your educational goal. Read more...

Course Descriptions

A list of the courses offered by the Fullerton College Mathematics Department along with detailed descriptions.

Math Colloquia and Events

Are you interested in learning more about mathematics? The Fullerton College Mathematics Association holds regular colloquia which are free and open to any interested student. Visit the FC Math Events website for more information.

Requirements for a Degree in Mathematics

Degree requirements and programs of study leading to an Associate in Science degree in Mathematics (AS) or a Mathematics Associate in Science degree for Transfer (AS-T).


A list of links and resources to studying mathematics.

AMATYC Student Math League Competition

Each semester Fullerton College sponsors the AMATYC Student Math League competition. Any Fullerton College student who has not yet earned a 2-year or 4-year degree is welcome to participate. See the Fullerton College AMATYC website for more information.

Fullerton College William Lowell Putnam Competition

Fullerton College is proud to be one of the few 2-year schools in the nation that participates in the annual William Lowell Putnam Competition. Participating in this high-level math contest will be rewarding and will look great on your application to a university. For more information, check out the Fullerton College Putnam website