Division Scholarships

Gus Klentos Scholarship

For one or more continuing students who show talent below the level of calculus. Given to students who work more than one semester in the Math Lab.

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2015 Anthony Flores
Marcel Maxwell
2013 Dang Dinh
Jasmine Jeong
2012 Benjamin Hartley
Nicholas Smith

AMATYC Scholarship

For the top three participants in the AMATYC Student Math League competition. The AMATYC SML is a national math contest held each academic year. See the Fullerton College AMATYC website for more details.

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2016 Woo Jin Song
Ivan Chi
Jung Ahn
2015 Yi Cheng (Eva) Zhang
Hanh Vo
Kien Nguyen
2014 Yi Cheng (Eva) Zhang
Vinh Tran
Hiep Nguyen Truong
2013 Triet Ta
Bora Olcken
Christian Becerra
Phillip Stewart
2012 Justin Gottula
Triet Ta
Won Choi
2011 Colleen Nelson
Zijie (James) Wu
Gary Ramirez
2010 Jung Tae Kim
Michael Shaw
Rheza Hidajat
Duyet Nguyen
2009 Andrew Frick
Robin Kim
Jisoo Lee
2008 Robin Kim
Tung Tran
Benjamin Zagorski
2007 Jin Jang
Ashley Ahn
Benjamin Zagorski
2006 Deep Arora
Ker-Chia Chen
Christopher Maurer
Arun Sehgal
2005 Charley Conley
Phuc Ngo
Phong Nguyen
2004 KyeYoung Jung
Ji Sun Park
Yicong Liu
Marco Nasser
2003 Hoa Vo
Danni Zhou
Donna Kim
2002 Ryan Star
Dan Armstrong
Kristina Gallegos
2001 Asfandyar Khan
Jilei Chen
Michael Nguyen

David E. Bell Math Scholarship

Awarded to a student who is both excellent in mathematics and will be continuing at Fullerton College the following school year. Financial need may also be included as a determining factor.

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2016 Masashi Deweese
Liz Menendez Suarez
2015 Kari Neilan
2014 Boyuan Wu
2013 Suman Khadka
2012 Conor Bednarski
2011 Hanna Ryu

Dr. Sherrie Emoto Scholarship

Awarded to a female student majoring in math who intends to pursue teaching as a career. This award is given in honor of a former Fullerton student who went on to earn her Ph.D. and become a college professor.

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2016 Hanh Vo
2015 Catherine Osborne
2013 Jasmine Jeong

Wilber and Ellen Selfridge Award

For one or more women excelling in mathematics who have taken two years at Fullerton College and have completed the requirements for upper-division standing at an accredited four-year college or university. The scholarship shall be awarded solely on the basis of academic achievement. A representative of the Selfridge family shall be a member of the selection committee, which will recommend through the Chairman of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division.

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2016 Jenna Scriven
2015 Sarah Anderson
Simin Mokhtari
Yi Cheng (Eva) Zhang
2014 Erin Mullally
2013 Qingni Liu
2012 Elodie Resseguie
2011 Alice Wong

Putnam Exam Scholarship

In recognition for an outstanding performance on the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition by a Fullerton College student.

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2016 Hanh Vo
Jung Ahn
Fahim Ahmed
Alexander Goldman
Christopher Lim
2015 Yi Cheng (Eva) Zhang
Nicholas Stearns
Stephen Yoo
Hanh Vo
Alexander Goldman
2014 Hiep Nguyen Truong
Vinh Tran
2012 Mike Forsuelo
Justin Gottula
2011 Mustafa Khafateh
2010 Jonathan Wolf

Mathematics Research Award

For one or more students not enrolled at a four-year university who have given at least one mathematics research talk and have produced a publishable paper.

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2016 Alexander Goldman
Hanh Vo
2015 Nicholas Stearns
2014 Vinh Tran
2013 Triet Ta
2012 Justin Gottula

Professional Communication Award

For one or more students not enrolled in mathematics courses at a transfer level institution and who gave given at least two high-quality talks at the Math Colloquium and, either two talks at regional or national math conferences or one talk plus co-authoring lecture notes on topics not part of the regular curriculum.

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2016 Alexander Goldman
Hanh Vo
2015 Alexander Goldman
Nicholas Stearns
2014 Faith Forcucci
Matthew Joslin
Vinh Tran
2013 Triet Ta
Valerie Guerra
Mohammad Khan
Keziah Tan
Aaron Matthews
2012 Joshua Dubon
Melissa Riddle

Betty P. Ribal Award

For one or more students of Fullerton College who have successfully completed his/her last semester class in calculus. The award shall be given to such students based on his/her GPA at the discretion of the appointing committee. This committee shall consist of instructors in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division.

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2016 Jung Ahn
Cody Yanna
2015 Joseph Feaster
Edgar Garcia
2014 Anthony Cho
Bora Olcken
2013 Triet Ta
Vinh Tran
2012 Joshua Dubon
2011 Jeremy Saqr
Jonathan Wolf

Donald Lebsack Memorial Scholarship

For one or more graduating and transferring student(s) currently enrolled in at least 8 units and a minimum 3.00 GPA in all course work completed (with a 3.25 GPA in Computer Science Courses), and a minimum of two Computer Science courses and 24 minimum units overall completed at Fullerton College.

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2016 Bilal Hameed
2015 Yi Cheng (Eva) Zhang
2014 Jonathan Pham
2013 Matthew Dohlen
2012 Helmut Rohrbacher
2010 Daniel Newman
2009 David Nguyen
2008 Lynn Greene
2007 James Clay

Nilane Lee Memorial Scholarship

To be awarded to a female student majoring in math, either continuing at Fullerton College or transferring to a university in the fall. The recipient must be enrolled full-time, have completed 24 units and have a GPA of at least 3.0.

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2016 Diana Sovilla
2015 Catherine Osborne
2014 Andrea Zavala
2013 Jasmine Jeong
2012 Annalise Bui
2011 Kelly Hartmann

Susan H. Nack Scholarship

For one or more graduating or transferring female student(s) currently enrolled in at least 9 units with a minimum 3.25 GPA in all course work completed. Applicants must have completed CSCI 133 and either CSCI 223 or CSCI 241 at Fullerton College

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2015 Simin Mokhtari
2014 Erin Mullally

2015-16 Scholarship Recipients

AMATYC Scholarships: Woo Jin Song, Ivan Chi, Jung Ahn

David E. Bell Math Scholarship: Masashi Deweese, Liz Menendez Suarez

Dr. Sherrie Emoto Scholarship: Hanh Vo

Wilbur & Ellen Selfridge Award: Jenna Scriven

Putnam Exam Award: Hanh Vo, Jung Ahn, Fahim Ahmed, Alexander Goldman, Christopher Lim

Professional Communication Award: Alexander Goldman, Hanh Vo

Mathematics Research Award: Alexander Goldman, Hanh Vo

Donald Lebsack Memorial Scholarship: Bilal Hameed

Betty P. Ribal Award: Jung Ahn, Cody Yanna

Nilane Lee Memorial Scholarship: Diana Sovilla