Fullerton College Mathematics Department Update

The Mathematics Department is making changes to its pre-transfer courses this Fall 2019 semester. This transition will help students succeed in their math courses and more importantly, help them complete their transfer level math requirement quickly.

With the new law, AB 705, all students are eligible to enroll directly into entry–level transfer math courses (MATH 100 F, MATH 120 F, MATH 129 F, MATH 141 F, or MATH 142 F). Students can still enroll in classes one level below transfer (MATH 024 F, MATH 040 F, or MATH 041 F) if they wish, but should talk to the Math Department or a counselor for options.

Also, two new support courses - MATH 026 F (Support for Statistics) and MATH 031 F (Support for College Algebra) have been created. These courses can be taken at the same time as Statistics and College Algebra, and provide just in time review of the prerequisite content for the transfer course and incorporate other support strategies such as time management and growth mindset. Many classes also incorporate Supplemental instruction, Embedded Tutors, online tools and other strategies for success.

The charts below will provide students with guidance as to what they should consider enrolling in for the fall term. NOTE: The transfer course students take depends on their major and other factors. If students have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a counselor, your math instructor, or email the the Math Division at math@fullcoll.edu.

Students Majoring in Are Recommended to Take
Liberal Arts, Fine Arts MATH 100 F
Social Sciences MATH 120 F; or MATH 120 F with support course MATH 026 F. Other Statistics courses are available: Sociology majors may wish to take SOSC 120 F; Psychology majors may wish to take PSY 161 F
Business MATH 129 F (followed by MATH 130 F) for most CSU Programs. MATH 141 F, MATH 142 F and MATH 151 F for most UC Programs.
STEM MATH 141 F, MATH 142 F, followed by MATH 151 F

Students Currently Enrolled in, and Who Pass Should Take This as Their Next Course
MATH 024 F A Statistics course best suited for their major
MATH 040 F or MATH 041 F MATH 129 F if students are planning on a CSU Business Program MATH 141 F and/or MATH 142 F if students are planning on a UC Business Program, or are a STEM major

Students who Took But Did Not Pass Are Recommended to Take
MATH 024 F MATH 120 F with the support course MATH 026 F
MATH 040 F or MATH 041 F Students should consult a counselor or math faculty to discuss if the course should be repeated or if they should move into a transfer-level course with support.