When you enter the Math Lab, do the following:

  1. If you have not already registered in Math N01 F, Supervised Tutoring: Math (required if you wish to use the Math Lab) then do so immediately in the Lab at a designated computer. There is no cost. Math Lab usage is free.
  2. Now scan your ID card. A current Fullerton College or Cypress College ID is needed when using the Math Lab. If you forget your ID card, then please use the touch screen.
    • Always check the monitor to make sure that you are scanned in or out.
    • If one scanner is down, use the other scanner.
    • If both scanners are down, the staff will manually time clock your time in and/or out.

When/How does your time count in the Lab?

What to do in the Math Lab?

The Math Lab is a quiet place for studying mathematics.

Want to use the Computer for Math? (no printing)

Want to Study/Review Math?

Want One-On-One Tutoring?

Note: Instructors and staff will only help you with questions from the textbook, questions online and handouts (like reviews) with printed answers or instructor’s permission printed on the handout.