Should I take MATH 252 or should I take MATH 255 and/or MATH 260?

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MATH 252 is a combined, linear algebra and differential equations course that was created for engineering students in an attempt to reduce the number of units required to earn a degree. Traditionally, linear algebra and differential equations were taught in separate courses because, while there is some overlap, the two topics are quite different. In MATH 252, roughly one third of the course covers linear algebra and the other two-thirds is differential equations. MATH 253 is a 2-unit course that covers additional topics in linear algebra that are not covered in MATH 252.

MATH 255 is a unified treatment of all linear algebra topics covered in MATH 252, 253 and partly in 172. If your degree does not require differential equations, this is the class for you.

MATH 260 is a dedicated course on differential equations, including a full treatment of systems of equations, while allowing time for applications and other related topics of interest. This class goes beyond what you would learn about differential equations in MATH 252.

Why take MATH 252?

Why take MATH 255 and/or MATH 260?

Will My Class Transfer?

Ultimately, the decision you make depends on your major and the university to which you intend to transfer. Some universities offer a class comparable to our MATH 252 others do not. All universities offer a dedicated Differential Equations course and a dedicated Linear Algebra course, but sometimes those offerings are upper-division only. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that our lower division course will not transfer. You should contact your university or check before making your decision.

As a reference, below is a summary of the courses offered at some of the California universities.

UniversityCombinedLinear AlgebraODE
Cal Poly PomonaXXX
Cal Poly SLO XX
CSU Dominguez Hills X*X*
CSU FullertonXX*X*
CSU Long Beach XX*
CSU Los Angeles XX
CSU Northridge XX
CSU San Bernardino X*X
San Diego State XX*
UC BerkeleyXX*X*
UC Davis XX
UC Irvine XX
UC Riverside XX
UC San Diego XX
UC Santa Cruz XX
*Upper division only