The Mathematics Course Sequence shows the progression of math courses that students should take in order to complete their math requirement for the associate degree or to transfer. The starting course can vary based on the results of the placement test, high school coursework, other college coursework, and other factors. Once students begin the sequence, they are expected to continue within the sequence. Questions regarding placement should be directed to counselors BEFORE beginning the sequence. The choice of transfer course depends on the major of study and the institution to which the student is transferring. Consult with the Counseling Department or the Transfer Center to ensure the correct transfer-level course(s) is chosen.

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Blank Flowchart

  1. Information on how to enroll in the zero-unit, non-credit course MATH N01F will be provided on the first day of class.
  2. MATH 020 F has an advisory of MATH 015 F or any algebra course.
  3. MATH 030 F and MATH 040 F can be taken concurrently. MATH 030 F (or equivalent) is required for MATH 141 F and 142 F
  4. Courses numbered MATH 040 F or above fulfill the graduation requirement for the Associate Degree.
  5. MATH 041 F is a course designed for students wishing to complete elementary and intermediate algebra in one semester. Upon successful completion of MATH 041 F, students are eligible for MATH 100 F, 120 F, 129 F, 141 F or 142 F.
  6. Students unsure of their transfer plans should meet with a counselor before choosing between MATH 040 F, 041 F or 043 F
  7. Courses numbered less than 100 do not transfer to a 4-year institution.
  8. MATH 141F and 142 F may be taken in any order, or concurrently. Both are required for MATH 151 F.
  9. The division offers Honors sections of MATH 120 F, 141 F, 151 F, 152 F, 290 F and 291 F.
  10. Students majoring in any business field should consult with a counselor before taking a transferable math course. Some business programs require students to complete Calculus I (MATH 151 F), others require Business Calculus (MATH 130 F).
  11. MATH 252 F and 253 F may be taken concurrently.
  12. MATH 251 F, MATH 255 F and MATH 260 F may be taken concurrently.
  13. STEM majors should consult a faculty mentor or counselor and/or go to ASSIST before deciding whether to take MATH 252 F/MATH 253 F or MATH 255F and/or MATH 260F. Your decision will depend on your specific desired university transfer department.