Fullerton College AMATYC Student Math League

Copies of Previous Exams

The best way to prepare for the contest is to study exams given in previous years. Below are copies of exams going back several years along with the answers. In some cases, hints and/or solutions are also provided. Feedback on solutions is always welcome. If you have a more efficient or more elegant solution, I would like to include it for future participants. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

* Indicates solutions are not complete.

Spring 2019 Exam
Fall 2018 Exam
Fall 2017 Exam
Spring 2017 Exam
Fall 2016 Exam
Spring 2016 Exam
Fall 2015 Exam
Spring 2015 Exam
Fall 2014 Exam Solutions
Spring 2014 Exam Solutions
Fall 2013 Exam Solutions
Spring 2013 Exam Solutions
Fall 2012 Exam Solutions
Spring 2012 Exam Solutions
Fall 2011 Exam Solutions
Spring 2011 Exam Solutions
Fall 2010 Exam Solutions*
Spring 2010 Exam Solutions
Fall 2009 Exam Solutions
Spring 2009 Exam Solutions
Fall 2008 Exam Solutions
Spring 2008 Exam Solutions*
Fall 2007 Exam Solutions
Spring 2007 Exam Solutions*
Fall 2006 Exam Solutions
Spring 2006 Exam Solutions
Fall 2005 Exam Solutions
Spring 2005 Exam
Fall 2004 Exam
Spring 2004 Exam
Fall 2003 Exam
Spring 2003 Exam
Fall 2002 Exam
Spring 2002 Exam
Winter 2002 Exam
Fall 2001 Exam
Fall 2000 Exam
Winter 2000 Exam