Can I register for the next class in a sequence before grades are posted for the class in which I am currently enrolled?

Yes. The system will assume you pass the class in which you are currently enrolled. However if you fail the class, the system will automatically drop you when grades are submitted. Be sure to check your grades as soon as they are posted, so that you know where you stand.

I am trying to enroll in MATH 141 or MATH 142. I have completed MATH 40, but still get a block. Why?

MATH 141 and MATH 142 have prereqs of both MATH 30 and MATH 40. If you have not completed MATH 30 at Fullerton College, you will need to show proof that you have taken Geometry at some other location. Contact Counseling to get this block removed.

The class in which I wish to enroll is full - what are my options?

Classes at prime times fill very quickly. Try a class in the early morning, later in the afternoon, or in the evening. Online and Hybrid sections are available in some courses. If you cannot register for a section, you could trying contacting the instructor and ask if they are taking names on a "wait list", or you could try to petition the class on the first day the class meets. It's also a good idea to have a plan "B"- in case you cannot get into the section on the day and time you would prefer.

How does the computer system check for prerequisites if I haven't taken the course but entered into the sequence at a higher level?

Unfortunately, this may have to be done by hand. For example, if you are trying to enroll in CSCI 123, the computer looks to see if you have passed MATH 141 or MATH 142. If you entered directly into our calculus class, MATH 150A, the computer will block you because it does not locate the prereq. class. Contact Counseling for clearance, or come to the Division Office.